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Display Racks Manufacturer in Allahabad

Departmental Racks

We offer a vast range of durable Supermarket Racks manufactured from premium quality raw material. These Racks are used for storing various goods and are available in various sizes and dimensions. These can be also be customized as per the clients specifications or requirements. Some of the details are mentioned below:

• Modular Construction Stand Alone Gondola
• Single Side Access
• Box Section Pillars
• Plain, Perforated, Mesh, Laminated board
• Easy to assemble and re adjust the levels
• Back panel Options
• Available in Various combinations

• Height: 1200mm (4') to 2500mm (8')
• Length:600mm (2')/750mm(2'6")/900mm (3')
• Depth: 225mm(9") to 600mm (24") Any Combination Made out of CR & HR Steels Capacity 65Kg per Level (Higher Capacities possible by request)

Departmental Racks
Departmental Racks
Departmental Racks
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